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Clinical Skills Testing and Oral Examinations

Clinical skills assessments and oral examinations are part of many certification and recertification programs and are licensure requirements for medical students and practicing physicians. Our experience with administering the COMLEX-USA Level 2–Performance Evaluation to thousands of osteopathic medical students provides a solid foundation of support for our partners with planning, launching, and maintaining a robust clinical skills and/or oral assessment program customized to their needs.

The NBOME’s two National Centers for Clinical Skills Testing (NCCST) are the settings for highly sophisticated performance evaluations that simulate live encounters between health care professionals and patients, complementing and augmenting traditional summative assessments of medical knowledge. NCCSTs are located in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia), and in Chicago, Illinois.

Each test center is a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced clinical skills testing facility designed to ensure patient safety, security, and standardization required for fairness in high-stakes testing. Both centers have the look and feel of an outpatient clinic, with examination rooms equipped with examination/treatment tables, test equipment (diagnostic otoscopes and direct ophthalmoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, tongue blades, cotton swabs, reflex hammers and tuning forks), sinks, and hand sanitizer. The rooms are also equipped with two cameras for recording and monitoring of the stations from a central control room and a one-way mirror for direct observation.

For oral examinations, the rooms can be set up with an examiner and examinee station with computer stations for examination administration if required. For travel and lodging details, see Our Locations in the Who We Are section.

Our test centers are available to our partner assessment organizations for customized clinical skills testing or oral assessment.

The distinctive features of our clinical skills testing program/oral examination include services in:

Contact us for more information about assistance with clinical skills testing or oral examinations.

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